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Have you been contemplating on how to cancel your premium subscription on Spotify, and you don’t know how to go about it? If that is the case, then you’ve come to the Oasis of solutions. We know how tempting a Spotify premium subscription can be for most people, as it allows you to stream your favorite music directly from a cloud-based server. On the other hand, there are more economical ways to stream your favorite music on the internet. By the time you are done reading the contents on this page, you’ll learn the new and improved ways to stream your favorite music, from the comfort of your home.

With regards to your premium subscription on Spotify, there are two principal ways to cancel your subscription. To cancel Spotify, you can go through the Spotify website or you can use iTunes. But before then, you would have to ascertain the channel, where you purchased the premium subscription. In other words, you would have to figure out whether your Spotify subscription was purchased directly from their site, through their app, iOS devices, or through a third-party channel like iTunes. This step is important when you are working to cancel Spotify subscriptions; you are going to cancel your subscription using the same channel.

Find out how you’re subscribed to Spotify

If you don’t know how you subscribed to the Spotify music streaming services, the easiest way to figure it out is to log into your Spotify account. You can do that from any of your personal devices, for instance, your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, or your personal computer.

When you are on the Spotify platform, you would find written, at the left-hand side your dashboard, “Subscription”. It is not so difficult to find, as it is usually sandwiched between the “recover Playlist” tab and the “receipts” tab. When you see it, click on it. By clicking on this tab, you will open up the subscription page, where you would see the method used to purchase your Spotify subscription. Write it down somewhere or memorize it; whichever works for you. Bottom line is that you shouldn’t lose it, it would be useful in the subsequent steps.

For Android users, one noteworthy tip to remember when you want to cancel Spotify subscription is that your subscription will always come from Spotify itself. So, you don’t have to determine whether your subscription came from a third-party or not. Below are the various ways to cancel Spotify subscriptions and premium music streaming services.

Cancel Spotify directly from the Website

As you have determined the method of your subscription to Spotify, and you have established that you are subscribed through their website, you can now cancel your subscription. To achieve this, follow the following guidelines. If you have not closed the subscription page, as we have discussed in the previous lines of this page, jump step one and two; advance to step three.

  1. From the browser, of your iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC,log into your Spotify account.
  2. Look for the tab titled “Subscription” at the left-hand side of your dashboard. When you see it, click on it. It will reveal a few options for you to select from, one of them would read, “change or Cancel” or “Manage Your Subscription”.
  3. Click on either of the two options. That is; the “change or Cancel” or “Manage Your Subscription” options. When you are done, another option will appear. It will probably read “Cancel Premium”.
  4. When this option materializes, click on it. The web page will open another dialogue to ensure that you know the potential consequences of your actions. Select the “Yes” option on the dialogue.

Once you tap on the “Yes” button, your premium subscription to Spotify will seize to exist and you will be denied access to the premium benefits of Spotify. But you shouldn’t worry too much, as there are other amazing music streaming platforms out there. A great example of such platforms is POP – more on that later.

Cancel Spotify on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)

In the event that your subscription for Spotify premium services was purchased through a third-party, Apple iTunes, you can cancel Spotify in a number of ways. You can cancel the subscription through your Windows PC, Mac, or on any iOS devices (for instance your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad).

  1. The first thing to do in this case is to unlock your device. Once you have secured access to your iOS device, locate the settings icon/ app and click on it.
  2. When you’ve gotten that out of the way, locate your Apple ID at the uppermost part of your screen. Then, tap on it. Your Apple ID comprises of your name and your email address.
  3. There is a high probability that a password verification dialogue will ensue, after step 2. If it does, enter the appropriate password. From here, you would be able to access the account settings and subscription menu.
  4. From the account settings menu, tap on the subscription tab. If you are subscribed to the Spotify music streaming services, you would find it in there.
  5. Select the Spotify tab.
  6. To cancel Spotify, tap on the “cancel subscription” option.

Cancel Spotify on PC or Mac

  1. To cancel Spotify on your personal computer, your PC must have access to iTunes.
  2. Run the iTunes program on your PC.
  3. At the top of your screen, you’ll find the Account tab, click on it.
  4. Click on the tab titled “View My Account”.
  5. A password verification dialogue will ensue. When it does, enter the appropriate password. From here, you would be able to access the account settings and subscription menu.
  6. Next, go to the bottom of your screen to the settings section. There you would find the word “Manage” at the left-hand side of the “subscriptions” tab. Click on it.
  7. Select the ensuing option to cancel Spotify subscription. The end!

By following any of the guidelines listed above, you would be able to unsubscribe for Spotify’s premium services. This goes without saying that you would require a strong internet connection for any of these methods to work.

POP – The best way to stream music without a Spotify subscription.

No doubt, canceling Spotify premium subscription is a hard choice for many people, especially those who rely on Spotify every day to help them create the most fitting playlist for their day. However, it isn’t the end of the world. With POP, you can enjoy the same quality music streaming services that Spotify offers and a lot more. From the sleek design of POP’s music player to the plethora of amazing music collections that it offers, and down to its user-friendly karaoke interface, everything is designed to help you enjoy the music better.

When you choose Karaoke on this unique music streaming platform, POP, your phone selfie camera will come on and then, you can record your own videos while you sing to the music lyrics. You can share your Karaoke videos to your friends and family, on all social media outlets, when you are done with the recording. What’s more, you can create your own playlist, using all of your favorite songs.