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Clover POS

Looking for easy and efficient market solutions that will enhance the speed of transactions in your business? If you are, then, considered this page as your premier destination for effective business solutions. Today, we’ll be introducing to you, one of the world’s latest business miracles; the POP POS software. You have probably heard of the Clover POS, in the past. The POP POS software works the same way but better. If you are a business owner, retailer, or drop shipper, having the Clover POS software in your arsenal can revolutionize your entire business. This portable point of sale (POS) software is by far one of the most renowned POS available in the market today. 

Since the debut of the first-ever graphical POS solution by Gene Mosher, in 1986, many POS software has made it into the limelight. As a result, many small business owners and retailers now find it difficult to make a choice between the plethora of portable point of sale software that is out there. However, the Clover POS software has distinguished itself, time and time again, as one of the most reliable and efficient POS software ever made. Its great reviews tell the whole story and you can check it out on capterra,trust radius, and on the g2 website. Since the POP POS use the same cutting edge technology, you can sell effortlessly from anywhere across the globe, using the POP POS system.

Don’t know what the Clover POS software is, or what It can do? Don’t stress, here is all you need about the Clover POS software. 

What is Clover POS

Clover POS is a portable point of sale solution that gives business owners the chance to combine 2 unique software plans with 4 other distinctive hardware plans, so as to create a bespoke POS solution, that is unique to their businesses. These services or features are offered at relatively competitive prices, that won’t stress your budget. 

Clover POS is a two-pronged system. which implies that you would be getting two equally amazing offers when you purchase the Clover POS. Along these lines, any of the clover POS plans you choose, will offer hardware options from software plan options. In less complex terms, clover POS gives you the ability to alter the already established setups on their website, to your business preferences. Through the Clover POS, you can create a unique point of sale solutions for your retail business, restaurant venture, and any other kind of business venture. 

Since the purchase of a clover POS plan allows you to access their software plans and the hardware plans, we have divided the following text into two categories. That way, you’ll get the full picture of what each plan offers and how you can benefit from the system itself. 

Hardware Plans

  1. Clover Go 

This is a Mobile smart device attachment, that uses Bluetooth to read magnetic stripe-only cards, and chip cards. It is also the most portable of all the available hardware plans and it can process contactless payments. The cost price for this type of hardware plan is valued at $59. 

  1. Clover Flex

The clover flex hardware plan offers a self-sufficient, handheld POS system. This system can read, magnetic stripe-only cards, chip cards, and it can process contactless payments. Also, you can scan bar codes or print out receipts from the integrated screen on the device. It is offered at $449

  1. Clover Mini 

The clover Mini hardware plan offers a powerful countertop POS system. It can read, magnetic stripe-only cards, chip cards, and it can process contactless payments. You can scan bar codes and print out receipts from its integrated mini countertop screen. It is offered at $599 or more.

  1. Clover Station 

The Clover Station hardware plan offers the most powerful countertop POS system. Just like the Clover Mini, it can read magnetic stripe-only cards, chip cards, and it can process contactless payments. You can scan bar codes and print out receipts from its countertop screen. It is offered at $1,149 or more, and it comes with enhanced security and speed.

Software Plans

  • Register lite

This software plan, allows users to access the Clover app market, process and track sales offline, and more. It is offered at a monthly cost of $14, an extra $0.10, and 2.7% for all in-person transactions. Also, you’ll pay $0.10 and 3.7% per keyed-in transaction. 

  • Register

This software plan allows users to access to all lite register capacities and customer feedback. It can also manage user’s inventory and include gratuity in checks. It is offered at a monthly cost of $29 and an extra $0.10 and 2.3% for all in-person transactions. Also, you’ll pay $0.10 and 3.5% per keyed-in transaction. 

Depending on your preference, you can mix and match the software plans with the hardware plan. 

POP POS solution 

No doubt, Clover POS offers a lot of amazing benefits for business owners. But as it appears, there is another contender, with the same potential as the Clover POS and more. The POP POS solution is the new best thing for small business, owners, high-end businesses, and retailers. What you stand to benefit from the POP POS solution cannot be found anywhere else. Unlike the Clover POS where you would have to mix match hardware and software plans to get the most suitable sales solution for your business, POP POS delivers a more hands-on sales solution. In this way, the POP POS plan is more effective that the best combination of Clover POS, which entails the combination of Clover Station and Register. 

Features of POP POS

  • Print Custom Receipts

With the new and improved POP POS, you can printout customized receipts for your customers at the point of sale. You can use the handheld PAX A920 or the countertop PAX E500 for this. The printed receipt can also include a logo and the URL to your website. 

  • Add Discount and notes to items

With POP POS, you can include notes on your receipts. This way you can give your customers a detailed description of your products, and at the same time advertise new products and services to them. 

  • Eliminate Accounting errors. 

This portable point of sale system allows users to track their cash transactions, whether they are paid online or offline. At the end of the day, this feature will bring accounting errors and discrepancies to the barest minimum. This may also eliminate any chances of theft in your business. 

  • Manage Customer profiles

You can know your customers better with the help of POP POS platform. This platform allows you to store and manage customers’ info, to have a better understanding of what they want and how you can serve them better. This feature can serve as the game-changer for your business if you use it productively for your small scale business or retail business. 

  • Manage inventory 

Just like the Clover POS, the POP POS allows users to manage their inventory straight from the display screen of the handheld PAX A920 or the countertop PAX E500. With this, you would be one step in front of your clients and competitors at all times. 

  • Replenish inventory automatically

You don’t have to waste precious time, going through your stock to see depleted supplies. With POP POS, you can customize a reorder level for each of your product. That way, your stock will be refilled when the available products fall below the reorder level. 

Despite the fact that the Clover POS offers a lot of advantages to business owners and retailers, you can still get a lot more with POP POS. What’s more, the POP POS is offered at very competitive prices, so you won’t have to break the bank, for the purchase.