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There are several ways to make money on POP. The first and obvious way is to become  a content creator. Post the same things you would post on Instagram on your POP account and you’ll get paid for the amount of Likes and video plays you get.

Content Creators do not need to build up a following. They are automatically followed by every user. Focus on creating quality content.

Another way to make money on POP is by starting your own Scooter Business. You can buy scooters from us at a low entry cost through our financing partner. Then connect the scooter to your account and put it outside in an area where a lot of people walk. It will start making you money while you do whatever it is you need to do every day.

POP is changing how we view social media by focusing on the user as a consumer and not a product. We want to help everyone make money so that they can have that little bit of extra help to pay their bills or even fully live the life of their dreams.

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